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Born in New York City, raised in Brooklyn, Billy, professionally known as 'King Billiam', grew up with a passion for music. By the age of 7, Billy was already playing piano and soon after his father introduced him to The Beatles, Billy immediately fell in love with the Violin Hofner bass. His passion didn't stop there. Watching some of his Mom's favorite music videos of Prince and Micheal Jackson led Billy on a journey of multiple genres and diversified music. His wanting to sing and compose led him to the guitar and multiple other instruments. His influences are too many to mention, but just to name a few, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Drake and Kid Cudi.

It was during a summer program a LIU Roc Nation in Brooklyn, New York, where Billy was inspired to try his hand at production, studying music technology, which led to composing. One of his collaborations was with Jay Hollywood and the song, "Antlantis" was released in 2022. His debut single titled, "Kultures" is a collaboration effort with JEO and co-produced by King Billiam, Charlie The Nomad and Cindy Valentine.